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Parenting. The most important job you’ll ever do.

Teachers like to say that parents are a child’s first teacher. If this frightens you, take heart – we’ve assembled some of the best parenting advice and how-to articles in one handy place. Here you can find information on what to expect when you’re expecting as well as at every stage in your baby’s development. You’ll also find tips on handling the Terrible Twos, dealing with fussy eaters and instilling a work ethic in older children. 

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Leaving your precious baby with a caregiver can be heart-wrenching. Read our tips on finding a provider you can trust and avoiding separation anxiety.

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Get a glimpse of what’s ahead with our interactive pregnancy timeline. You’ll also find in-depth articles on nutrition, vitamins, exercise, and rest during pregnancy.

Five fun games that teach kids to eat well, take responsibility, limit screen time, manage money, and  listen to their bodies to tell when they need rest.

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